Мрачный Понедельник
Я изошла на то, чтобы сделать moodboard к этой песне — не строго по тексту, а по общему настроению, ибо Covenant для меня — это всегда киберпанк.

In the heat of the moment
In the eye of the storm
When the high tide turns around
I tread water waiting to be found
In the dream of the shepherd
In the blood on the thorn
When the warships run aground
I breed monsters feeding on the drowned

In the daze of confusion
In the glare of the glow
When the demon comes unbound
I dive under drowning out the sound
In the noise of the silence
In the force of the blow
When the towers tumble down
I sink further going underground

I seek sanctuary
Take me in
Keep me safe
I seek sanctuary
Take my sins
Keep my faith

Squaring circles, cutting ice
Hacking numbers, telling lies
Dreaming nightmares, waking up
Twisting, shouting, dying twice

Little poems from the skies
Fading daydreams falling down
Falling down

Can't keep the pace these demon days
Are piling up like falling towers everywhere
I could regret or try to forget the little things
That bind my mind to my memories
But I know that down below the pain remains
In different shapes and shades
I need to sleep, I have to stop and catch my breath
And view the world with my eyes closed
I close my eyes

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