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Слушаю VÆRKET и охреневаю. Великолепнейший прог-рок.
Они не хуже YES. И отдельная статья — голос. Какой-то совершенно потрясающий тембр. Так, наверное, поют Асы.

:right: послушать

Вот такое описание группы с сайта фестиваля Roskilde:

We’ve seen many genre revivals over the years. But no trendy wave of young bands has taken on progressive rock. Perhaps Værket will be the first one to lead the way.

The six-piece sounds like a vital 2017 update of the sounds from the golden age of prog rock. Fans of Yes, King Crimson, Jethro Tull should definitely prick up their ears.

The band put out their debut EP Jealousy Hits in 2016. The same year they played a semi-secret set at Roskilde Festival, which was in part curated by the cutting-edge avant rock label Escho, which is also the harbour of the youngsters in Værket. The album has been hailed as a masterpiece in some circles, and the band has earned nominations at the Danish critics’ award (called Steppeulven) and at Nordic Music Prize.

Værket dress the way they sound. Clad in gaudy shirts and with long hair, the members take a stage like they own it with their music. With a transverse flute often stealing away the attention the band plays up big, complex songs that don’t mind passing the 10-minute mark. Don’t expect pauses between songs. Once Værket start up their human prog machine, there’s no stopping them.

Нет, Дания в плане музыки меня в последние годы всё-таки имеет...

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